Top 16 WordPress Features Plugins

  • Features by WooThemes

    Show off what features your company, product or service offers, using our shortcode, widget or template tag.

  • HG Slider

    A responsive image rotator plugin that easily creates WordPress slideshows. Now 100% Organic!

  • CPO Content Types

    Add support for special content types in your website, such as a portfolio, features, and slides.

  • Disabler

    Instead of installing a million plugins to turn off features you don't want, why not use ONE plugin?

  • Icons for Features

    Display an icon for a feature, instead of an image, in the "Features by WooThemes" plugin.

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  • Media Features

    Adds category organization, file type filter/browser, uploaded image resize, crop and JPEG quality controllers.

  • WP-CFM

    Manage and deploy WordPress configuration changes

  • Specials

    A handy & easy way to manage and display your company specials.

  • Post Thumbnail Column

    Adds a new column to posts list for featured images.

  • Easy Feature Lists

    Create reusable feature or check lists that you can add to any post or page.

  • WP Extra Settings

    WP Extra Settings gives you control over many different options that are manageable without accessing the code otherwise. This plugin will thus enable

  • Wordpress Post and Page Features

    Embed a set of features in your Post or Page.

  • Quick Popup

    Show a popup to your visitant with an image or html.

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  • wpCMSdev Feature Post Type

    Registers a "Features" custom post type.

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  • CSSJockey Add-Ons

    CSSJockey Add-ons enables various features to extend the functionality of your WordPress website with an ever growing collection of add-ons.

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  • Five Things

    Five Things is a plugin for add dinamic top 5 in your blog.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite features plugins missing from our list.

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