Top 20 WordPress Frame Plugins

  • Break Out of Frames

    This Framebreaker will Avoid your blog being framed by some other web site and good for wallpaper blog to increase traffic.

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  • iframe Wrapper

    A small little plugin to embed an auto resizing iframe into a WordPress page or post.

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  • ScrapeBreaker

    A combination of frame-breaker and scraper protection. Protect your website content from both frames and server-side scraping techniques.

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  • WP Wrapper

    Wrapper for WordPress pages using iFrame. Various options in admin panel

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  • Google Break Dance

    Redirect Visitor dari Google images ke langsung halaman Post dengan Plugin Google Break Dance.

  • Google Chrome Frame for WordPress

    Enable Google Chrome Frame functionality by adding the tag to the of your site.

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  • WP-Framebreaker

    Insert a JavaScript to blogs HTML-Head-Section to prevent from loading inside frames.

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  • WP no-iFrames (Content Protection)

    WP no-iFrames (Content Protection) is a simple, yet effective iframe breaking plugin that protects your site content from being embedded into other si

  • JavaScript Framebreaker

    Adds a framebreaker JavaScript function to the header for breaking out of Google Image Search and other framesets

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  • SEO Friendly Social Links

    Insert SEO friendly/neutral links to social networks and bookmarking services.

  • Chrome Frame

    Google Chrome Frame (GCF) for Wordpress Admin / Backend. Dual Mode Plugin, can be used as a standard Plugin or as a Must-Use Plugin.

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  • fillet

    Safely embed responsive IFrames in the WordPress text editor.

  • Google Chrome Frame For Wordpress

    Congratulations! You've got the Google Chrome Frame for Any Wordpress Theme and Blog Plugin, bringing IE up to standards.

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  • frame-image

    Requires at least: Just put frame on your picture when the mouse hover.

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  • Automatic break iframes

    Automatic break iframes ban the iranian spam rss reader sites.

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  • force-frame

    Force a WordPress site inside an iframe.

  • Mobile Frame

    Display images in a mobile device frame.

  • Clear Frames

    Clear frames from Google Image or another websites so all visitor will direct goes to your website.

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  • Plugin: Framefix

    Du nutzt eine Domain die als FRame-Weiterleitung dient und kannst wp-admin nicht betreten, bekommst stattdessen eine weiße Seite? Dieses Plugin fixxt

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  • nemo Frame

    The nemo Frame WordPress Plugin is easily expand your service area.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite frame plugins.

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