Top 18 WordPress Frequently Asked Questions Plugins

  • FAQ Manager

    Uses custom post types and taxonomies to manage an FAQ section for your site.

  • WP Awesome FAQ Plugin

    Best WordPress FAQ Plugin integrated with Custom Post Type. WP Awesome FAQ comes with accordion based jQuery UI.

  • Spider FAQ

    The Spider FAQ WordPress plugin is for creating an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for your website.

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  • HTML5 Responsive FAQ

    HTML5 Responsive FAQ - Multi Category, Custom Sorting FAQs. Add using shortcode, compatible with responsive themes. FAQ custom design options.

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  • WP Super FAQ

    A lightweight FAQ/QNA plugin that includes an FAQ shortcode for your site. A simple jQuery animation is included to show/hide each question.

  • WP responsive FAQ with category plugin

    A quick, easy way to add an responsive FAQs page. You can use this plugin as a jquery ui accordion.

  • Easy FAQs

    Easy FAQs is a simple-to-use plugin for adding FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to your WordPress Theme, using a shortcode or a widget.

  • Smart FAQ

    Provides A nice Frequently asked Questions Page with answers hidden untill the question is clicked then the desired answer fades smoothly into view.

  • Ultimate FAQ

    A simple FAQ plugin that lets you create or your users FAQs, order FAQs, publicize FAQs, etc. and insert a list or AJAX FAQ search using shortcodes

  • FAQ Builder

    The FAQ Builder for Wordpress plugin allows you to receive respond, and display questions from your readers.

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  • WooCommerce Product FAQs

    Extends WooCommerce to allow for the asking, answering, and viewing of FAQs in a similar experience as on eBay.

  • FAQ

    Organize and publish your FAQs in an easy and elegant way using FAQ WD.

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  • TF FAQ

    Users Search, Ask & Read questions. Admins Create and Answer questions. Admins gets notified when a question is asked & Users get notified of

  • Best WordPress FAQ

    The best and most simple plugin for creating a "Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ section" on your WordPress website.

  • YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers

    It allows users of your shop to ask questions on products and answer to them, a tool like in Amazon pages, but that can be also used as a FAQ section

  • Nice Responsive WP_FAQ

    Display Responsive Faq Pages in your. Easy to use and You can use it as a Jquery ui accordion without any kind of coding.

  • Knowledgebase

    The easiest way to create a Knowledgebase or FAQ on your WordPress blog.

  • Collapsible FAQs

    Helps you create an aesthetically pleasing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

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