Top 17 WordPress Geoip Plugins

  • GeoIP Detection

    Retrieving Geo-Information using one the Maxmind GeoIP2 databases.

  • ecSTATic

    Faster, Smarter, Visitor Management and Stats for your Wordpress Blog.

  • WooCommerce Product Price Based on Countries

    Add multicurrency support to WooCommerce, allowing you set product's prices in different currencies based on country of your site's visitor.

  • Tor Blocker

    Tor Blocker stands for limiting actions to the users that came from Tor nodes, countries or cloud/hosting/vpn providers.

  • WP GeoLocation

    This plugin uses the MaxMind GeoIP JS Web Service to return the Country, Region, City, Latitude, and Longitude WordPress shortcodes.

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  • Advertwhirl Advertising Manager and Ad Rotator

    Advertwhirl the ultimate WordPress advertising campaign manager WordPress. Control exactly which ads are displayed and how.

  • WP Engine GeoIP

    Create a personalized user experienced based on location.

  • Advanced Mobile Redirect

    This plugin allows you to put in a full path URL to redirect various mobile traffic with GEO-targeting and Device specific targeting.

  • Comment Location Tracker

    Traces the IP of comment authors in Wordpress on the comments admin page.

  • GeoReg Lite

    Tansparently capture geographic information anytime a new user registers on your site.

  • whats-my-ip

    Display the current User's IP address in Widgets & Shortcodes.

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  • Category Country Aware Wordpress

    Make your posts and sidebar category and/or visitor location relevant

  • WP Comments Google Map for Posts

    WP Comments Google Map for Posts adds a Google map to your posts and shows the location of each user that comments on that post.

  • Change Comment Notify email

    This simple plugin will allow you to quickly find commenter's country directly from within the comment notification email.

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  • WP-GeoMap

    A geolocation plugin to show where posters were when making a new post.

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  • Srvd

    Use Srvd to show targeted content to visitors or redirect them to another page based on their location and browsing settings.

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