Top 18 WordPress Gesture Plugins

  • Add To Content

    Place custom content above or below every post and/or page or from a specific category.

  • Wordpress Mobile Gestures by errnio

    errnio adds gesture engagement actions to your mobile site, enhancing experience, content circulation and time spent on your site.

  • Wordpress Mobile Gesture Monetization by errnio

    A unique monetization tool for your mobile site, creating a bannerless monetization source of revenue for your wordpress site.

  • Wordpress Scroll to Top for Mobile

    The errnio Mobile Scroll to Top plugin adds a simple and styled button at the bottom-right of the site. It appears once the user scrolls down.

  • Wordpress Mobile Zoom by errnio

    Zoom by errnio enhances the mobile zoom experience on any image on your wordpress site, offering better zoom, sharing, and image discovery.

  • Mobile WordPress Site Search by errnio

    errnio Mobile WordPress Site Search plugin is a mobile-first search box for your site, with far better engagement for internal site search.

  • Wordpress Swipe by errnio

    Swipy offers your mobile site visitors more of your content with swipe action cards, enhancing experience, content circulation and time spent.

  • Wordpress Mobile Web Search by errnio

    The errnio Wordpress Mobile Web Search plugin adds a floating search box to your site, creating far better search experience for mobile.

  • Wordpress Next Post by errnio

    Next Post by errnio moves the reader to the next available post on your site, when swiping right on mobile.

  • Recommended Content by errnio

    Recommended Content by errnio offers your mobile site visitors more of your content when they are done reading your articles.

  • Wp-Gestures

    This plugin enable a feature that you can use mouse gestures to navigate to the next post or previous post or the home page when on a single post just

  • Wordpress Tap Select by errnio

    Tap Select enhances text selection on your mobile site with useful information on any text, as well as additional actions.

  • Wordpress Tap to Define by errnio

    Tap to Define offers your mobile site visitors a definition at the tap of a text, without having to leave your site.

  • Wordpress Tap to Search by errnio

    Wordpress Tap to Search offers your mobile site visitors related search phrases and content at the tap of a text.

  • handsUP!

    Control your entire blog with Leap Motion hand gestures.

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