Top 19 WordPress Gigs Plugins

  • Events Manager

    Fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, booking management

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  • Event Organiser

    Create and maintain events, including complex reoccurring patterns, venue management (with Google maps), calendars and customisable event lists

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  • Events Made Easy

    Manage and display events, recurring events, locations and maps, widgets, RSVP, ICAL and RSS feeds, payment gateways support. SEO compatible.

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  • Gigs Calendar

    Manage and display a calendar of your gigs/shows/performances.

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  • Ticket Tailor - Sell Tickets with WordPress - Event Ticketing and Event Registration

    Sell event tickets online via your WordPress website. Ticket Tailor is an easy event ticketing & event registration system.

  • Events Manager Pro - extended

    This plugin can use to send reminder mail to all the attendees who are going to attend the event

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  • Events Manager Pro Stripe Gateway

    A Stripe Gateway addon to the Events Manager Pro plugin.

  • Gigatools Widget

    The easiest way to embed your GigaTools dates. No more hassle with an embed code. Just manage your GigaTools widget from your own WordPress admin.

  • Bizarski Cute Gigs

    An elegant way for artists to showcase their concerts, shows, and gigs.

  • For Artists

    This plugin adds a fully customizable sidebar-widget to list an artists upcoming shows or top tracks from Last.FM (using the new 2.0 REST API).

  • Events Handler - The Events Plugin

    Events Handler enables to manage events and future happenings and show them on your wordpress site.

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  • Last.FM Events

    This plugin adds a widget to display your upcoming events (gigs) from Last.FM on your Wordpress blog (using the hCal Microformat).

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  • 5gig Concerts

    Version: 1.3 You can use it to search and seek information about concerts from wordpress editor.

  • London Events Guide

    Displays a constantly updating list of London events. There are 5 categories... everything from art exhibitions and concerts to theatre shows.

  • PostLists-Extension Gigs Calandar

    This PostLists Extension provides placeholders for the gigs, created with the WordPress Plugin "Gigs Calendar", to be used within PostLists lists.

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  • Stripe Gateway for Events Manager Pro

    A Stripe Gateway for Events Manager Pro plugin.

  • Events Manager Pro SecureSubmit Gateway

    SecureSubmit allows merchants to take PCI-Friendly Credit Card payments on Events Manager Pro using Heartland Payment Systems payment gateway.

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  • Set List

    Add set lists from gigs you have seen to posts, pages and sidebars. Set list data provided by the API.

  • London Music Concerts

    This plugin has been discontinued. See

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite gigs plugins missing from our list.

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