Top 18 WordPress Hide Content Plugins

  • ReadMore ReadLess

    ReadMore ReadLess will hide content on page. Clicking on readmore will show complete page without refreshing the page.

  • Secret Content

    Easily mark any post or a page as "for logged in members only", hiding it from public view! (not for custom post types).

  • Social Locker - Increase Traffic

    Adds a responsive social content locker to your site.

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  • Social Content Lockerz

    Social Content Lockerz shortcode plugin allows you to automatically hide any content to users until they share it on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google

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  • TC Comment Out

    Comment out page and post content using a shortcode.

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  • Premium Contents

    Premium Contents is a WordPress plugin made to lock specified blog posts asking the reader to do something to access them.

  • WP Revealer Plugin

    WP Revealer is a WordPress content display plugin that hides content and displays it at a precise time.

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  • Content Hider

    Restrict access to your content by wrapping it in a simple shortcode. You can grant access to certain roles or users who have a certain capability.

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  • WP Widget Devices

    Displays the content you want only the device you want, movil, tablet or only web.

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  • Truncate Comments

    The plugin uses Javascript to hide long comments (Amazon-style comments).

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  • Content For Money

    With this plugin you can hide a part or the entire content of your posts and pages. The hidden content can be seen by members, non members must pay.

  • Like to Unlock lite

    This plugin gives you control to initially hide part of your article from user. Content is displayed correctly once user Facebook Like or +1 your page

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  • Hide and Catch Email

    Adds a metabox to post/page and allows you to hide the content, and show only on form submission.

  • Pay2View

    Let your users pay to view content. Use it to hide download links, images, paragraphs or other shortcodes. This plugin allows the administrator to use

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  • WP Truncate Content

    A plugin that truncate and hide longer content but retains its html for search engine optimization. Good for longer content post and pages that wanted

  • Advert Preloader

    AdvertLoader is a plugin designed to increase your earnings by using adverts which will be shown to users just before all other content loads.

  • Show Hide Content

    Show Hide Content plugin hides your selected content behind a Read more button.

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