Top 16 WordPress Hooks Plugins

  • Genesis Simple Hooks

    This plugin creates a new Genesis settings page that allows you to insert code (HTML, Shortcodes, and PHP), and attach it to any of the 50+ action hoo

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  • Genesis Simple Sidebars

    This plugin allows you to create multiple, dynamic widget areas, and assign those widget areas to sidebar locations within the Genesis Framework on a

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  • Homepage Control

    Re-order or disable the homepage components in certain themes.

  • OpenHook

    Add customizations to any hook in WordPress and any hook-enabled theme or plugin from within your admin panel! Wanna play hooky?

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  • Genesis Visual Hook Guide

    Find Genesis hooks (action and filter hooks) quick and easily by seeing their actual locations inside your theme.

  • Genesis Simple Customizations

    Easily make certain customizations to your Genesis-powered site in the Genesis Theme Settings menu. You must be using the Genesis theme framework.

  • GPP About You Widget

    Adds a widget for easily creating an about your section to any widgetized region in your theme.

  • Genesis Post Teasers

    GENESIS THEME FRAMEWORK REQUIRED. This plugin uses the genesis grid loop function to display posts teasers either on your Homepage, Archives, or Blog

  • GPP Base Hook Widgets

    Adds 12 new widget areas to the Base WordPress theme framework using its action hooks.

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  • GPP Testimonials Widgets

    Adds a new Testimonials widget to the Widgets panel.

  • Hybrid Hook Widgets

    Adds 11 new widget areas to the Hybrid WordPress theme framework using its action hooks.

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  • WP Hooks

    WP Hooks is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add JavaScript, HTML, or other code to your header and footer without modifying your theme.

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  • GPP Welcome Message Widget

    Adds a widget for easily creating prominent welcome messages.

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  • rtPanel Hooks Editor

    This plugin adds hooks-editing interface in theme options for "rtPanel Theme Framework" -

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  • Genesis Hooks

    Automatically displays Genesis structual hook names in the browser for all pages.

  • THA Hooks Interface

    THA Hooks Interface allows you to customize and alter theme functionality from within dashboard by hooking into Theme Hook Alliance hooks.

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