Top 13 WordPress Href Plugins

  • Automatic SEO Links

    Forget to put manually your links, just choose a word and a URL and this plugin will replace all matches in the posts of your blog.

  • WP Simple Anchors Links

    Insert simply many anchors to pages, posts and custom post type.

  • Include Content Slice

    Use a shortcode to include a file (or just a part of a file by using text delimiters) into the current post from any URL, or from the local server.

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  • Related Pages

    A plugin that allows one to select links that are put under posts or pages and which are shown as related pages. The Related Pages plugin doesn't

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  • KNR Login Branding Widget

    Enables the administrator to set the logo, link and title for the WordPress login page.

  • Wordpress Exit Box Lite

    A jQuery page that appears with a user clicks and external link! use it to show messages, ads, or social buttons.

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  • YouTube URL

    Replace YouTube video URL's with the corresponding video. YouTube URL's must be wrapped in "[" and "]" for this to work.

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  • Favicon Links

    Adds favicons to links in posts to give them nice look.

  • MP3 URL

    Replaces MP3 URL's wrapped in "[" and "]" with a MP3 player, so you can listen to the MP3 on your site.

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  • aitch ref!

    Remove most absolute urls in your html. Useful for switching between development / staging / production environments and painless deployment. Requir

  • Photo URL

    Replaces photo URL's wrapped in "[" and "]" with embed code for that photo.

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  • slink

    slink creates named links using a Markdown-like syntax. Named links insert html or php into a page or post, without writing any html or php.

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  • Google Destination URL

    Perform a Google Search when adding a link in the editor.

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