Top 14 WordPress Html Editor Plugins

  • Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

    The visual editor widget for Wordpress.

  • HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

    Add syntax highlighting to the HTML editor.

  • Visual Editor Custom Buttons

    Visual Editor Custom Buttons lets you add custom buttons to the Wordpress Visual Editor.

  • HC Text Widget

    WYSIWYG editor inside a widget

  • Admin Font Editor

    Small fonts begone! Now you can choose the font size and style for the Text (HTML) editor under Edit Posts / Pages and the reply field of Comments in

  • WordPress Helpers

    Take control of WordPress. Adds over 50 more settings to your admin.

  • Links in Captions

    Easily add links to image captions in the WordPress editor.

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  • Syntax Highlight

    Syntax Highlighting in WordPress Plugins and Themes Editor.

  • Content Manager Light

    Build your custom page layout and fill it with ready to use content items. Easy, no coding.

  • Tab Override

    Tab Override allows you to enter tabs into the HTML editor (not Visual) as you would in a desktop text editor.

  • TRUEedit

    TRUEedit turns the Post HTML Tab into a raw HTML editor that does not texturize or modify your code.

  • Contact Form 7 - TinyMCE HTML Editor on mail area

    Toggle the TinyMCE editor in Contact Form 7.

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  • WP Quicktags

    This simply plugin adds usefull buttons to native WordPress HTML editor.

  • Remove HTML editor from admin dashboard

    This plugin will remove the HTML editor from the admin dashboard

Let us know if there are any of your favorite html editor plugins missing from our list.

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