Top 17 WordPress Install Plugins

  • Bulk Plugin Installation

    Allows you to install one or more plugins simply by typing their names or download URLs in a textarea.

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  • WPCore Plugin Manager

    Create plugin collections and install them in one click on any WordPress site.

  • Install via URL

    Upload and install themes and plugins from URL.

  • Auto FTP

    Makes plugins and themes installs and updates faster, no longer needs ftp details confirmation.

  • Change WP URL

    Use this only if you're trying to move your WordPress install to another domain.

  • WP Install Profiles

    Version: 3.4.1 Download custom collections of plugins automatically from the WordPress plugin directory.

  • Force Plugin Updates

    You may need to reinstall any of your plugins, juste check the plugins' box, select "Update", and that's all!

  • Custom Login Redirect

    Redirect to custom locations after logging in. Your Custom URLs along other locations like Add New Post/Page, Manage Posts/Pages/Themes/Widgets, etc.

  • OneClick Installer

    (Obsolete) OneClick is a plugin which allows you to install plugins and themes from zip files on your disk, zip file urls, or Firefox.

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  • PlugInstaller

    Install and uninstall plugins from your admin interface without uploading the plugins via FTP and automatically check for plugin updates.

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  • One-Click Install

    Allows you to one-click install plugins directly from

  • WP Live Server Deploy

    Automates the entire process for migrating your wordpress install from a test/development/source server to the live/destination server.

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  • Plugin Reinstaller

    The Plugin Reinstaller plugin enables the bulk plugin reinstall.

  • WP Backpack

    Das WordPress Plugin WP Backpack ist eine gebündelte Sammlung von wichtigen Optionen und Funktionen für WordPress.

  • WP Plugin Installer

    Allows the user to install the development version of a plugin for testing purposes.

  • Extension Manager

    Update (17. November 2008): I keep this plugin here for reference but since WordPress 2.7 there's a [Plugin Installer](

  • See More Themes

    See more themes when viewing installed themes or adding new ones.

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