Top 16 WordPress Islam Plugins

  • AZAN Plugin

    Display prayer times by widget.

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  • Salat Times

    Salat (Namaz) timetable for any location around the world!

  • Quran multilanguage Text & Audio

    Quran Text Multilanguage translated into 29 languages. Full ajax version and responsive. Fully customizable. More reciter...

  • GlobalQuran

    Easily add Quran on your website. This plugin let's you easily add 100+ Quran text translation and audio on your site.Demo

  • MasjidNow Prayer Timings for Mosques

    Daily and monthly adhan and iqamah timings from on your mosque page!

  • Daily Prayer Time

    Display Yearly, Monthly and Daily prayer time vertically or horizontally, in any language.

  • Namaz Vakti

    Bu eklenti Müslümanlar için namaz vakitlerini gösterir. This plugin shows prayer times for Muslims.

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  • Mosque Prayer Timings

    A plugin for Mosques' websites. It helps publish Adhan+Iqamah timings of daily prayers, and Khutba+Iqamah timings of Friday prayers at Masjid.

  • The Holy Quran

    Displays random verse from the holy quran.

  • Zakaat Calculator

    A beautiful Interactive Plugin which can be used to add Zakaat Calculator in your websites sidebar.

  • Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage

    Holy Quran random verse widget is translated into 24 languages with audio

  • Islamic Books by EDC

    The Islamic Books by EDC endeavors to be a unique online store of free downloadable PDF books about Islam & other faiths in different languages

  • Islamic Graphics

    Shortcode for the insertion of graphics representing the common Islamic phrases: SAW, RA, SWT and AS, into Wordpress posts and pages.

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  • MH Dispaly Prayer Times widget

    A widget for displaying prayer times by reading from database.

  • Prayer Times Anywhere

    Display daily prayer beginning time based on current location of visitor.

  • Azkaar English

    This plugin displays a random supplication (Arabic + Translation) from Qur'an / Sunnah.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite islam plugins missing from our list.

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