Top 20 WordPress Lang Plugins

  • Shortcodes Ultimate

    Supercharge your WordPress theme with mega pack of shortcodes

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  • Quick Localization (Quick Localisation)

    Quick Localisation allows site admins to patch Wordpress translations of any theme and any plugin without leaving the control panel

  • WPML Translate Shortcode

    Easily translate text even if theme is not full WPML ready

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  • MultilingualPress

    Create a fast translation network on WordPress multisite.

  • MCE Accessible Language Change

    Adds language change button in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. (WCAG, BITV)

  • WPML Shortcodes

    Easily add strings to translate to your (child) theme or everywhere in your WordPress website.

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  • Admin Language

    This plugin allows to have admin panel in different language (for example, admin's native language) from blog's home language.

  • WPML to MultilingualPress

    Convert posts from an existing WPML multilingual site via XLIFF Export/Import for MultilingualPress

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  • hreflang Flag

    Add a flag icon to link corresponding to the hreflang attribute.

  • Accessibility Language

    Add language-tags via TinyMCE to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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  • Translation Detector

    Translation detector display a simple button to navigate to a post translation created with polylang.

  • YD Setup Locale

    Automatically sets up the WP language environment based on first part of url. Will setup XML lang attribute + $locale variable.

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  • Complete Language Switcher

    Switch between languages with ease using xili-language plugin. Displaying only the posts in the set language.

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  • Set HTML lang attribute per post

    This wordpress plugin adds a meta box for specifying html lang="" language per post.

  • Translate with Google and Bing has identified this plugin to be spam.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite lang plugins missing from our list.

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