Top 14 WordPress Lazyload Plugins

  • a3 Lazy Load

    Speed up your site and enhance frontend user's visual experience in PC's, Tablets and mobile with a3 Lazy Load.

  • Rocket Lazy Load

    The tiny Lazy Load script for WordPress without jQuery or others libraries.

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  • Simple Lazyload

    Lazy load all images without configurations. It helps to decrease number of requests and improve page loading time.

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  • Responsive Woocommerce Product Scroll Slider

    Woocommerce Scroll Slider Plugin is a beautifully designed and an OwlCarousel-master plugin.

  • Simple lyteload

    A simple plugin to integrate jQuery lazyLoad for lazy loading images.

  • Lazy Load for WooCommerce

    Lazy Load for WooCommerce includes the functionality to properly append Lazy Load into the image loop for WooCommerce (2.4.6 tested).

  • Devrama Image Lazyload

    Devrama Image Lazyload loads images in the content of your post as you scroll down. It makes the page load faster and reduce server traffic.

  • YS images lazyload (Server Side)

    Change the images src attribute in the service side, so as to achieve a real lazy load, and is compatible with all browsers.

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  • Comments Avatar Lazyload

    Comments Avatar Lazyload at server side load replace the src property of img tag. It is relly lazyload. It was successfully checked by W3C.

  • MooTools Image Lazy Load WP

    add MooTools lazy loading to images

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  • Speed Up Essentials

    This software aims to be engaged in any system and without any additional line programming is required, the final code is automatically optimized.

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