Top 15 WordPress Markdown Plugins

  • JP Markdown

    Write in Markdown, publish in HTML.

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  • Markdown on Save Improved

    Markdown + WordPress = writing bliss.

  • PrettyPress

    Version 1.2 - Torturous Tortoise PrettyPress adds a sleek, modern publishing interface to Wordpress to help you write better articles in less time. Wr

  • Markdown on Save

    Allows you to compose content in Markdown on a per-item basis. The markdown version is stored separately, so you can deactivate this plugin any time.

  • Gust

    Gust is a port of Ghost admin panel for WordPress.

  • Markdown QuickTags

    Replace the WordPress HTML editor with a Markdown one. Auto-pairing, wrapping, preview/render, customizable editor fonts and more.

  • Smart Syntax

    Automatic google prettify syntax highlighting for jetpack markdown fenced code blocks

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  • WP MarkItUp!

    Replaces the old "quicktags" toolbar with MarkItUp, a lightweight costumizable markup editor with XHTML, Textile, Wiki, Markdown and BBcode toolbars!

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  • Markdown for P2

    Markdown for P2 will enable Markdown formatting within your P2 theme status updates and comments.

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  • Typewriter

    Typewriter replaces the Visual Editor with a simple Markdown editor for your posts and pages.

  • Shownotes

    simplifies Show Notes, write them in OSF, get them as HTML

  • Mytory Markdown

    This plugin get markdown file path on dropbox public link or github raw content url. It convert markdown file to html, and put it to post content.

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  • Jetpack Markdown Support

    Add's Markdown Module Support for custom post types.

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  • WParty

    Mix website contents with WParty * pages * articles * widgets * menus * contact form... * Simple Shortcode [part] * DEV: Theme Builder

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  • WP Markdown Editor

    A beautiful visual Markdown editor for Wordpress

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