Top 10 WordPress Mce Plugins

  • FEEDZY RSS Feeds

    FEEDZY RSS Feeds is a small & lightweight plugin. Fast and easy to use, it aggregates RSS feeds into your site with shortcodes & widgets.

  • Add Font Family Dropdown to Visual Editor

    This plugin adds a Font Family Dropdown to Visual Editor.

  • Subpage View

    A plugin for showing subpages on a given page. Insert shortcode into MCE and a list of subpages will be shown.

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  • Paste as Plain Text

    Forces the WordPress editor to paste everything as plain text.

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  • TinyMCE Page Break Button

    TinyMCE Page Break Button adds a Page Break Button to the TinyMCE Menu for using the Nextpage-Tag in posts.

  • TinyMCE Comment Field - WYSIWYG

    This plugin switches the comment field from a poor one into a rich WYSIWYG editor, using the internal TinyMCE Editor bundled with WordPress.

  • Hebrew Font

    Hebrew Font plugin provides an easy way to use Hebrew fonts on your WordPress website.

  • Video Onclick

    This plugin inserts youtube video code when clicked on Play button. This reduces load time on pages with many videos.

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  • Fupa.Net Widget Shortcode

    Allows people to embed as Shortcode with the WYSIWYG-Editor.

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  • Prowl Me

    A plugin making your visitors able to write you a direct message using Prowl, a iPhone push application.

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Should we add any mce plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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