Top 12 WordPress Mentions Plugins

  • Display Tweets

    Display Tweets is an easy to use, future proof Twitter feed plugin that uses PHP to make requests to the v1.1 Twitter REST API.

  • Twitter Mentions As Comments

    Twitter Mentions as Comments scours Twitter for people talking about your site & silently inserts their Tweets alongside your existing comments.

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  • Mention comment's Authors by Wabeo

    When adding a comment, your users can directly mentioning the author of another comment, like facebook or twitter do,using the "@" symbol.

  • Jet Tweet

    Bring Twitter to your WordPress site with powerfull widget uses the Twitter API version 1.1.

  • BuddyPress No Mentions

    Disable the @mentions capability in BuddyPress. Perfect for users who don't understand Twitter!

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  • Twitterply

    Want to display your twitter feeds or Tweets on your website or blog or in the sidebar. This plugin uses PHP to make requests to the Twitter REST API.

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  • Comments Users Mentions

    Allows to mention Wordpress users in a comment. The mentioned users will receive a notification email.

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  • Media Mentions Plugin

    Show off your blog's media mentions with this easy to use WordPress plugin.

  • Twitter mentions in posts

    Show tweets about your posts right under them.

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  • Tweets By Post

    Adds post wise tweets at the end of your post.

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  • RankScanner: Buzz

    Automatically monitor the web for your brand or other keywords, and get email/dashboard alerts with new discoveries.

  • AtMention in Comments

    A plugin that enables you to mention @comment__author in comments.

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