Top 17 WordPress Messages Plugins

  • Dashboard Site Notes

    Add notes as admin notices in contextual help tabs, as well as compile them into an instruction manual.

  • Users Ultra Membership Plugin

    Users Ultra is the ideal plugin for creating advanced user communities & networks in few minutes. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google.

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  • Private Messages For WordPress

    The Private Messages For WordPress allows users of WordPress blog send private messages (PM) to each other, just like in a forum.

  • SpeakPipe - Voicemail for Websites

    Allows your customers, blog readers, podcast listeners and fans to send you voice messages right from a browser without any phone calls.

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  • CM Answers

    Enables users to post questions and answers (Q&A) in a Stackoverflow style. Plugin includes social media login registration and can be customized

  • WP Mingle

    The simplest way to turn your standard WordPress website with a standard WordPress theme into a Social Network.

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  • Spot.IM - Everywhere Social Network

    Realtime community widget instantly, increases retention, engagement and growth by drawing visitors & incentivize them to engage with your content

  • Contact Manager

    Allows you to create and manage your contact forms and messages.

  • Cartpauj PM

    Easily add Private Messaging for your users to your WordPress site with Cartpauj PM (Private Messages).

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  • BuddyPress Default Data

    Plugin will create lots of users, messages, friends connections, groups, topics, activity items, profile data - useful for testing purpose.

  • RK Responsive Contact Form

    A simple WordPress plugin that generates a responsive contact form on your website or blog.

  • Unique Comments

    Checks via Google Search if the comment being left is a common spam comment.

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  • wp_mail Cyrillic

    Allows to receive e-mail messages in character sets different from the blog charset.

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  • WP-Notify

    WP-Notify is a notification plugin, this will help you to notify or alert informations about latest posts/system maintenance time etc... to your visit

  • Buddypress Mass Messaging

    This plugin allows you to send individual messages to all Buddypress users.

  • Buddypress Messages Spam Blocker

    This plugin will block mass mailing for the buddypress messaging system

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  • BuddyPress Restrict Messages

    This plugin enables the site admin or users to restrict who can send private messages.

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