Top 10 WordPress Meta Boxes Plugins

  • Meta Box

    Meta Box plugin is a powerful, professional solution to create custom meta boxes and custom fields for WordPress websites.

  • OptionTree

    Theme Options UI Builder for WordPress. A simple way to create & save Theme Options and Meta Boxes for free or premium themes.

  • Custom Fields Creator

    WCK Custom Fields Creator - easily create custom meta boxes for WordPress. It supports normal custom fields and custom fields repeater groups.

  • WPBizPlugins Custom Admin Help Boxes

    Easily add your own instructions and help material to the WordPress admin section with Custom Admin Help Boxes. Lets you add custom help boxes to any

  • Meta Box Yoast SEO

    Add content of custom fields to Yoast SEO Content Analysis.

  • Remove meta boxes per user role

    Set up permissions for categories and taxonomies to admin users whose role is not "administrator"

  • C7 Form Builder

    Provides an easy to use and powerful API for building forms that can be displayed, customized and saved any way you want.

  • Spiffy Meta Box Creator

    Create meta boxes by creating and calling a function but without needing to reuse all of the same WordPress functions for doing so.

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  • Meta Box Text Limiter

    Limit number of characters or words entered for text and textarea fields in meta boxes.

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  • FJP Custom Metaboxes

    Create both custom metaboxes and post types for your wordpress application.

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