Top 18 WordPress Multiuser Plugins

  • WP Realtime Sitemap

    A sitemap plugin to make it easier for your site to show all your pages, posts, archives, categories and tags in an easy to read format without any ne

  • Stray Random Quotes

    Display and rotate random quotes and words everywhere on your blog. Easy to custom and manage. Multiuser. Ajax enabled.

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  • DRP Wordpress User Management

    DRP Wordpress User Management is a Wordpress user management plugin which allows you to manage and keep track of all registered users. It let's y

  • Admin Menu Reorder

    Easily reorder your admin menu items with simple drag & drop operation

  • Quick Drafts Access

    Adds links to 'All Drafts' and 'My Drafts' under the Posts, Pages, and other custom post type sections in the admin menu.

  • Multisite User Management

    Automatically add users to each site in your WordPress network.

  • s2Member Buttons

    Add buttons to your toolbar that help you control content presentation in an s2Member based membership site.

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  • Quick Post Management

    QPM adds page/post management links for one-click actions as drafting, private/public, opening/closing comments/trackbacks, trashing/deleting, etc

  • 404 ReDirector

    Simple, SEO friendly, permanent (301) and automatic redirect of 404 errors.

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  • Trusted Only

    Makes your site content visible only for several users who are in your trusted list.

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  • Network Blog Manager

    A simple but powerful blog manager to be used in blog networks. Include an internal search engine, statistics, and some useful tool.

  • TweetPost

    Multi-user aware Twitter plugin adds a tweet button to posts and/or automatically tweets or links to new posts.

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  • Site Template

    Site Template is a plugin that allows site administrators to set up blog templates for their multi-site WP installs.

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  • MU Admin Bar Shortcuts

    This is a simple plugin that adds plugin & theme add & manage shortcut links to the admin bar for Multisite managers.

  • My Sites Shortcode

    Displays the list of your sites in a list format. by adding this shortcode into a post or page : [my-sites]

  • Multipost Cart

    This plugin gives "cart" functionality to Multipost MU plugin.

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  • Your Posts on Dashboard

    The number of your posts is added to your dashboard’s Right Now.

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