Top 17 WordPress Optimisation Plugins

  • Resize Image After Upload

    Behind-the-scenes plugin to automatically resize images when uploaded, restricting size to within specified maximum h/w. Uses standard WP functions.

  • SEO Tag Cloud Widget

    SEO Tag Cloud Widget displays the tag cloud in a SEO-friendly way, using a search engine optimized html markup.

  • Purify WordPress Menus

    Slim down the HTML code of WordPress menus to only the CSS classes and ID attributes your theme needs to improve page speed

  • WP Basic Elements

    WP Basic Elements is a WordPress plugin that simplifys your WP Admin and cleans your markup in the code for faster loadtime.

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  • Mobile Device Detection by 51Degrees

    The 51Degrees mobile device detection plugin mobilizes your site. Easy setup including mobile switcher, themes and administration tool.

  • Use jQuery CDN

    Loads the open source scripts jQuery and jQuery-migrate from jQuery's CDN delivered by MAXCDN.

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  • Use jQuery Cloudflare

    Loads the open source scripts jQuery, jQuery-migrate and Masonry from CloudFlare's CDN.

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  • Use jQuery jsDelivr

    Loads the open source scripts jQuery, jQuery-migrate and Masonry from jsDelivr's CDN.

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  • WordPress Image shrinker

    Reduce image file sizes drastically and improve performance and Pagespeed score using the TinyPNG API within WordPress. Works for both PNGs and JPGs.

  • Feed SEO

    Optimize your long tail expression for search engine

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    Search engine optimization made easy: make your content more visible in search engine results.

  • Improved Gallery

    Improves the built-in gallery in WordPress 2.5 and newer.

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  • LTI Sitemap

    Hassle free XML Sitemaps: pick your featured content, let search engines do the rest!

  • Energy Saver

    Contribute to a better, greener Internet by saving your website's Energy consumption.

  • Search Box Google par JM Créa

    Search Box Google permet d’intégrer le mini moteur de recherche de votre site dans les résultats Google.

  • Monetate

    This plugin adds Monetate tracking to your site. You'll need a account and you're ready to start.

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  • fasterImage Image Optimizer

    Optimisez vos images & accélérez votre site Web! Vos images sont automatiquement optimisées tout en conservant leur qualité.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite optimisation plugins.

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