Top 20 WordPress Optimizer Plugins

  • W3 Total Cache

    Easy Web Performance Optimization (WPO) using caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.

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  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer

    Easy-to-use, lightweight plugin that optimizes images & PDFs. Make your website faster, keeping the images’ high quality. WooCommerce compatible

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  • Clean Up Optimizer - Optimize & Clean Database

    WP Clean Up Optimizer will extensively clean up your WordPress database along with Optimizing without manual queries.

  • WP Minify Fix

    [Fixed] This plugin uses the Minify engine to combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

  • Opengraph and Microdata Generator

    Adds Facebook OpenGraph Meta Tags to head for a better social sharing experience.

  • Google Webfont Optimizer

    Makes your website faster by combining all Google Fonts in a single request. Your websites gets a higher PageSpeed score which is good for SEO.

  • Admin Flush W3TC Cache

    Admin Flush W3TC Cache works with the W3 Total Cache plugin. It simply adds an "Empty All Caches" option to every Admin page.

  • AIO Cache & Performance

    A Simple, Stable, and Powerful Cache Plugin. Experience the Power, Stability, & Simplicity of AIO Cache Today!

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  • Advanced Database Cleaner

    Clean up your database by deleting unused data such as 'revision', optimize your database, or reset it to its initial state, etc.

  • Youtube SpeedLoad

    Improve rendering speed pages with YouTube players.

  • WUCO - WP Ultimate Cleanup & Optimization

    WUCO aka WP Ultimate Cleanup & Optimization, a free easy to use yet effective plugin designed to help you keep your MySQL database clean.

  • Content Switcher

    Allows you to easily display a random number, a random or variable content on your website, and to optimize your website with Google Optimizer.

  • SpectrOM DB Cleanup

    Removes unnecessary data with Reporting features. Reduces Site Crash and Downtime.

  • External Files Optimizer

    Description: automatically combine and compress css/js files generate with wp_head() and wp_footer()

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  • Search Results Optimizer

    Search Results Optimizer learns which results users find useful and automatically prioritizes them in future searches.

  • Landing Pages, SEO Content. Increase sales & leads

    Landing Pages increase sales, traffic, registrations on your website

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  • Output Optimizer

    Removes line-breaks, tabs, double space, html comments and wordpress head-data from html output.

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  • fasterImage Image Optimizer

    Optimisez vos images & accélérez votre site Web! Vos images sont automatiquement optimisées tout en conservant leur qualité.

  • PS google website optimizer setting

    To manage and output the script of Google Website Optimizer. Manage scri

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite optimizer plugins.

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