Top 11 WordPress Organization Plugins

  • Cornerstone

    Enhanced content management for Wordpress

  • Event Calendar

    An easy-to-use community calendar and event list that allows authorized users to visually manage events into custom categories.

  • Participants Database

    Build and maintain a fully customizable database of participants, members or anything with signup forms, admin backend, custom lists, and CSV support.

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  • Gallery And Caption

    Upgrades behavior of native galleries and captions in posts with dynamic animations and styling. Captions can be grouped into 'mini' galler


    A Robust RSVP plugin

  • Blogging Checklist

    Just a way to create a checklist for blogging and make it visible to all your authors on the Edit Post page.

  • Article Type

    Registers custom post type "article", with category, tag, short-code and widget support

  • Events RSVP

    Easily create an RSVP form and manage registrations

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  • Code Snippets Tags

    Organize your code snippets with tags. Adds support to the Code Snippets WordPress plugin for adding tags to snippets.

  • DQ Bandcamp Library

    Add Bandcamp URLs to a WordPress database for displaying on a custom page with an updatable embedded player, like a music library.

  • Simple Post Series with SEO!

    An easy to use shortcode for automatically creating and organizing a series list for multiple posts on the same topic with appropriate SEO attributes.

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