Top 17 WordPress Os Plugins

  • Counterize II

    Simple counter-plugin with no external libs based on Counterize II by Steffen Forkmann ( - saves timestamp, vis

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  • IP Address Widget II

    Show the visitor's IP address, country, city, region, operating system and browser in a widget. You can specify the information to be shown.

  • WP-UserAgent

    A simple User-Agent detection plugin that lets you easily insert icons and/or textual web browser and operating system details with each comment.

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  • Advanced User Agent Displayer

    This wordpress plugin adds user agent information to your blog comments by adding browser and platform icons and lets visitors know the user agent of

  • AWStats Report Viewer

    View CPanel's AWStats report via Wordpress Dashboard page.

  • BingMaps - Map Viewer

    The BingMaps plugin adds an interactive map(s) to your Wordpress Page or Post, using the Bing Maps AJAX Control.

  • System Requirements Check

    Checks for specified version of the operating systems, web browsers, Flash Player, JRE, cookie, and Javascript on the client side.

  • FL3R User Agent Comments

    Show the browser and the operating system of your users in the comments and create a chain of comments most beautiful and interesting to read!

  • Geocaching shortcut

    This Plugin makes Geocache Bloggers life easyer, with a little Waypoint linking shortcut.

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  • User Agent Displayer

    the User Agent Displayer plugin displays the Browser and the operating system, user used to leave a comment.

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  • Srvd

    Use Srvd to show targeted content to visitors or redirect them to another page based on their location and browsing settings.

  • LightOn Server Monitoring

    LightOn is a lightweight monitoring tool for operationg system, webserver (lighttpd & apache) and database New in version 1.2.0: mysql monitoring

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Should we add any os plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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