Top 12 WordPress Paragraph Plugins

  • PS Disable Auto Formatting

    Stops the automatic forming and the HTML tag removal in the html mode of WordPress, and generates a natural paragraph and changing line.

  • WP-No-Format

    This plugin lets you prevent Wordpress from modifying the HTML written code.

  • Drop Cap Shortcode

    Just change your first letters in your paragraph with a shortcode to turn it into a drop cap.

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  • Empty Paragraph for TinyMCE Editor

    Adds an editor button that puts in an empty paragraph which won't get deleted when you save.

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  • WP Excerpt Generator

    générateur d'extraits pour WordPress avec plusieurs options... (excerpts generator for WordPress with several options...).

  • Space Remover

    Space Remover removes any leading or trailing spaces from your post and page content. Securing a clean and consistent website layout.

  • NoAutoP

    This plugin adds the function "the_content_noautop" which doesn't include a paragraph tag automatically with the post content.

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  • Orphan Word

    This plugin will handle the orphan words from: post/page title, widget title, widget text and comment text.

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  • Ads Within Paragraph by MasterBlogster

    Ads within paragraph plugin helps you add your advertisement inside wordpress article, you can add your advertisement left to, right to, above or belo

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  • lets you comment paragraph by paragraph in the margins of a text

  • Smartlines

    Smartlines intelligently adds HTML paragraph and break elements where WordPress forgets.

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  • Centre Images

    Centre Images adds a centre-images style to paragraph elements that are otherwise empty except for the image.

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite paragraph plugins.

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