Top 17 WordPress Parser Plugins

  • FEEDZY RSS Feeds

    FEEDZY RSS Feeds is a small & lightweight plugin. Fast and easy to use, it aggregates RSS feeds into your site with shortcodes & widgets.

  • CyberSyn

    A powerful, lightweight and easy to use Atom/RSS aggregation and content curation plugin for WordPress.

  • Content Egg

    Easily adding auto updating products from affiliate systems and additional content to posts.

  • LinkedIn Perfect Share

    Provides precise Open Graph data to LinkedIn for perfect sharing

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  • Google Calendar Feed Parser

    This plugin parses and displays upcoming events from a Google Calendar XML feed.

  • WP Shop YML Parser

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  • Supra Scraper

    A plugin to strategically scrape web pages into wordpress posts, pages and other custom post types.

  • Import by URL

    A websites grabber for WordPress

  • HTML Parser

    It is a very simple plugin that will help you parse your HTML code.

  • XML-RSS Parser Widget

    XML-RSS Parser Widget

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  • XSPF Stations

    Extract online datas (from radio stations, music services, tracklists, XML files, RSS feeds...); and generate a XSPF playlist that stays synced with y

  • Parsnip

    Include HTML snippets from other sites in your own site

  • Debug Log Parser

    Debug Log Parser is a tool to parse your Wordpress debug-file and manage your error-handling.

  • Taobao Catalog

    Taobao Catalog parser

  • WP-Alp

    Apache log parser for Wordpress. Monitor daily bandwidth usage. Adds a dashboard widget displaying the daily bandwidth usage graph.

  • Plugin README Parser

    Plugin README Parser will display a WordPress plugin's README file in XHTML format, for embedding on a post or page.

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