Top 16 WordPress Pending Plugins

  • Delete Pending Comments

    A quick way to delete all pending comments. Useful for victims of spammer attacks.

  • Auto Post Scheduler

    This plugin will schedule 'auto post checks' to publish new posts and/or recycle old posts automatically.

  • Delete All Pending Comments

    Delete all pending comments from your database easily.

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  • Color Admin Posts

    Change the background colors of the post/page within the admin based on the current status : Draft, Pending, Published, Future, Private.

  • AI Disable Comments

    A quick way to disable or delete all approved, pending or spam comments and pings only with one click.

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  • WP Status Notifier

    WP Status Change Notifier notify users about posts status changes.

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  • Pending Indicator

    Show the number of pending posts waiting for approval in the admin menu, if any. Also automatically supports custom post types.

  • Extra Post Pages Menu

    Adds extra and individual menus for all available post/page statuses like drafts, pending, trash including count of number of posts in each status.

  • Pending Posts Indicator

    Will show a bubble in the left-hand admin menu of the number of posts pending review, if more than zero.

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  • Automatic Comment Scheduler

    A plugin that automatically schedules pending comments for approval, depending on a min/max threshold and the last comment's publish date and tim

  • Pending Comments Highlighter

    This plugin overrides the default pending comments background color in WordPress admin.

  • Obvious Post States

    Make the WordPress post state text (draft, pending, sticky, etc) stand out.

  • Rainbow Status

    Different background colors for Draft, Pending, Published, Scheduled and Private posts/pages.

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  • Notifications for Collapsed Admin Menu

    Highlights the comments and plugins icons in the collapsed admin sidebar menu when notifications are pending.

  • Email Author On Publish

    Emails author when pending post is published.

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  • Adminbar Link Comments to Pending

    Changes the link from the Adminbar comments bubble to go straight to the 'Pending' comments queue.

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