Top 17 WordPress Personalized Plugins

  • POWr Hit Counter

    Track and display visits for any page!

  • POWr Social Media Icons

    Icons for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a million more!

  • POWr Survey

    Unique, beautiful, responsive surveys for your site.

  • POWr Mailing List

    Collect contacts for your mailing list with this custom form!

  • POWr Banner Slider

    Beautiful sliding banners for images and video.

  • POWr Price Table

    Showcase pricing for products, plans, and features side-by-side!

  • POWr Map

    Interactive, customizable maps for any location!

  • POWr Photo Editor

    Edit, filter, and resize any image!

  • POWr Video Gallery

    Showcase YouTube and Vimeo videos in a beautiful gallery!

  • POWr Microblog

    Showcase articles, images, videos, and more!

  • POWr Plan Comparison

    Display and sell products, plans, and services in a side-by-side comparison!

  • POWr Ecommerce

    The simple way to sell products, downloads, and subscriptions.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite personalized plugins.

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