Top 18 WordPress Php5 Plugins

  • Zotabox

    10+ Popular onsite tools to boost your sales and get more subscribers: Popups, Social Buttons, Contact Forms, Promo Bar, Facebook Chat etc.

  • Zend Gdata Interfaces

    The Zend Gdata interfaces contain everything you need to access Google's Data APIs from your PHP 5 Wordpress installation.

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  • YouTube Media

    This plugin adds a "YouTube Media" tab to your video upload options. View and insert your youtube videos without leaving wordpress to find the ID's!

  • SyntaxHighlighter Evolved PHP5

    Adds support for the PHP5 language to the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin using the [sourcecode language="php5"] tag and [php5] shortcode.

  • Is Your Server Ready for WordPress 3.5

    Is your site ready for WordPress 3.5? If your not sure your server meets the minimum requirements for 3.5 this plugin will let you know.

  • Mapping of image posts

    Generate a mapping of image - article it belongs, by scanning all attachments.

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  • Zend Framework for wordpress

    Simply make Zend Framework libraries available on the Wordpress instance.

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  • Zend AMF Interfaces

    The Zend AMF interfaces contain everything you need for using Adobe's Action Message Format protocol in order to run Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR applicat

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  • Zend InfoCard Interfaces

    The Zend InfoCard Interfaces contain everything you need to provide support for Windows Cardspaceª and other infomation card technologies in your plug

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  • MarcTV XBOX 360Voice Blog

    Displays the latest entries of your 360 voice gamerdna blog either as a widget for your sidebar or as a customizable function.

  • Zend SimpleCloud Interfaces

    The Zend SimpleCloud Interfaces contains everything you need to start writing scalable, highly available, and resilient cloud application plugins.

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  • Set Default Timezone

    Experiencing notices about setting default timezone in PHP 5.1+. This plugin will prevent that notice.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite php5 plugins.

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