Top 15 WordPress Piwik Plugins

  • HeadSpace2 SEO

    Controls almost every aspect of your site's meta-data, including advanced tagging, Analytics, and dozens of plugins. The best WordPress SEO solu

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  • WP-Piwik

    This plugin adds a Piwik stats site to your WordPress or WordPress multisite dashboard.

  • Piwik Analytics

    This plugin adds the Piwik Web Analytics javascript code into the footer of your website. It has several useful options. Please note: this version is

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  • Piwiktracking

    Adds the Piwik Tracking Code to your WordPress blog.

  • PhpSword Google Analytics

    Easily add Google Analytics code to your WordPress website. Also insert analytics or tracking codes of other website and services.

  • Tracking Code

    Simple plugin for adding tracking code to site head and footer section.

  • Piwik tracking, by Mente Binaria

    "Piwik tracking, by Mente Binaria" is a simple plugin whose only purpose is to add the Piwik tracking code to your website.

  • Easy Google Webmaster Tools

    Easily Add Google Webmaster tools for your websites and tracking all pages your sites perfectly.

  • WP Analytics Tracking

    Manage Google Analytics code or any other Tracking code

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  • iDienstler's Tracking Code

    Plugin for adding tracking code to the header and/or footer.

  • WooCommerce Piwik integration

    Provides support for Piwik and Piwik PRO integration in your WooCommerce powered store. Integrates with WP-Piwik if installed.

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  • No Piwik for me

    Erstellt den Shortcode [no_piwik] um die nutzerbezogene Deaktivierung von Piwik zu ermöglichen.

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  • TR Easy Google Analytics

    Easily Add Google Analytics for your websites and tracking all pages your sites perfectly.

  • WP referrer spam blacklist (Ghost Spam in Google Analytics)

    WordPress plugin to fight with more than 285 referrer spammers (like semalt, buttons-for-website and many more).

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  • Piwik Notifier Bar

    WP-Piwik-Notifier shows a Notifier Bar in the frontend. It informs your user that you use Piwik for tracking with the possibility to deactivate the tr

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