Top 16 WordPress Placeholder Plugins

  • Gravity Forms Placeholder Add-On

    This plugin adds Placeholder support to gravity forms

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  • Gravity Forms Auto Placeholders

    Automatically converts all Gravity Form labels into HTML5 placeholders. Includes Modernizr to add placeholder support to Internet Explorer.

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  • PostLists

    This WordPress plugin provides placeholders for configurable dynamic lists of posts. The placeholders can be used in posts, pages or widgets, and will

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  • WordPress WP-Advanced-Search

    "WP-Advanced-Search" est un moteur de recherche complet et puissant pour WordPress entièrement modulable.

  • LJ Custom Menu Links

    LJ Custom Menu Links is a plugin that allows you to put extra links in the menus of most Wordpress Themes.

  • HTML5 Placeholder Polyfill

    Mimics HTML5 placeholder behavior in browsers that don't natively support it.

  • Placehold (Gravity Forms)

    Adds a placeholder field to Gravity Forms

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  • Contact Form 7 Quiz Placeholders

    Automatically converts Contact Form 7 quiz labels into HTML5 placeholders (like the "Watermark" feature in CF7, which is missing for quizzes

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  • GR Lorem Ipsum Generator

    Generates one or more randomly selected paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum text from shortcode.

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  • Lipsum

    Generate dummy Lorem ipsum text in posts and pages with shortcode. Includes a generator for unique and random customisation.

  • HTML 5 Search Form

    A plugin to change your search form into a HTML 5 search form with placeholders.

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  • Lazy Load for WooCommerce

    Lazy Load for WooCommerce includes the functionality to properly append Lazy Load into the image loop for WooCommerce (2.4.6 tested).

  • PostLists-Extension EC3

    This PostLists Extension provides orderby options, conditions and placeholders for the events created with Event Calendar 3 to be used for each post w

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  • Placeholder Text

    This plugin adds support for placeholder text in browsers that don't support this HTML5 feature.

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  • Widget

    Placeholdit Image Widgets

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  • Advanced Login Form

    Advanced Login Form is a more customize wordpress plugin that use for wordpress login page. It also style register and forget password page.

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