Top 15 WordPress Platform Plugins

  • Rating

    Rating - Ratings widget - simple plugin to create Rating widget for website Visitors.

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  • WPBook

    Plugin to embed WordPress Blog into Facebook Platform. Requires PHP 5. Requires ability to access your WordPress blog via HTTPS (SSL).

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  • EsAudioPlayer

    This is a simple, cross-browser, accessible audio player (MP3 player) plugin.

  • GatherContent Import

    The GatherContent Import plugin allows you to quickly import structured content from your GatherContent projects into your WordPress site.

  • WP-UserAgent

    A simple User-Agent detection plugin that lets you easily insert icons and/or textual web browser and operating system details with each comment.

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  • WPBook Lite

    Based on WPBook ( ), WPBook Lite enables cross-posting of blog items to Facebook, and import of comments

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  • Documentation

    A documentation management system.

  • Mobile Client Detection Plugin

    The Mobile Client Detection Plugin can overload platform-specific themes or templates - and it provides query_vars platform & browser.

  • Advanced User Agent Displayer

    This wordpress plugin adds user agent information to your blog comments by adding browser and platform icons and lets visitors know the user agent of

  • User Agent Displayer

    the User Agent Displayer plugin displays the Browser and the operating system, user used to leave a comment.

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  • UserAgent Content Switcher

    Display the html written between the shortcode of each user agent.

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  • NCS E-Giving Custom Payment Platform

    A WordPress plugin that encapsulates the NCS e-Giving platform for use in client WordPress based websites.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite platform plugins.

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