Top 19 WordPress Pods Plugins

  • Dynamic Widgets

    Dynamic Widgets gives you full control on which pages a widget will display. It lets you dynamicly show or hide widgets on WordPress pages.

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  • Pods - Custom Content Types and Fields

    Pods is a framework for creating, managing, and deploying customized content types and fields.

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  • Web Editors CMS

    Allows you to rock WordPress 3.3.1 as a full blown CMS for your customers!

  • Pods SEO

    Pods SEO integrates Pods Advanced Content Types with WordPress SEO XML Sitemaps

  • CSV Importer For Pods

    A simple CSV Importer for the plugin Pods - Custom Content Types and Fields.

  • CIO Custom Fields Importer

    Simple and easy, this add-on to WP All Import processes any XML/CSV files to any contents* (post, user, custom field, TablePress table) via Pods.

  • Pods Alternative Cache

    Pods Alternative Cache is a file-based or database-based caching solution for for hosts that have limitations on object caching. Pods Alternative Cach

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  • Caldera Metaplate

    Caldera Metaplate: WordPress Templating Tool For Custom Fields

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  • Pods Auto-Display

    Automatically displays Pods custom fields below custom post content.

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  • Pods AJAX Views

    Utilize AJAX cache generation and loading for Pods Views. If a view takes too long to load, use Pods AJAX Views to offload it to AJAX so the rest of t

  • Pods Widgets

    This plugin creates a multi-instance widget for inserting pod data into your sidebar. Requires the PodsCMS plugin.

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  • Eventbrite for Pods

    Eventbrite Event Registration on your site and API syncing to show Attendees on site.

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  • CIO Custom Field Groups for PODS

    Copy, drag, drop, done. This plugin extends PODS to group custom fields quickly. Support location rules, pods shortcode and magic tags.

  • Pods Stream Connector

    Integrates with the WordPress Stream plugin to track changes to Pods and content

  • Acknowledge Me

    Shows contributors to a Github repo, retrieved via the GitHub API.

  • Pods Toolbar

    A small utility that allows for faster navigation to create and edit Pods, manage components, edit settings, and even clear the cache!

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