Top 11 WordPress Post Status Plugins

  • Recent Posts Widget Extended

    Provides flexible and advanced recent posts. Display it via shortcode or widget with thumbnails, post excerpt, taxonomy and more.

  • Edit Flow

    Redefining your editorial workflow.

  • Post Status Menu Items

    Adds post status links–e.g. "Draft" (7)–to post type admin menus and a few other nice goodies.

  • Automatic Post Scheduler

    A plugin that automatically schedules posts depending on a min/max threshold and the last post's publish date and time.

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  • Post Status Notifications

    The Post Status Notifications plugin by 99 Robots provides an easy way to notify Administrators when Contributors submit posts for review or when a Co

  • Drafts of Post Revisions

    Create drafts of WordPress posts/pages/CPTs even after they've been published

  • Post to CSV by BestWebSoft

    The plugin Post to CSV allows to export posts of any types to a csv file.

  • Extra Post Pages Menu

    Adds extra and individual menus for all available post/page statuses like drafts, pending, trash including count of number of posts in each status.

  • Status Change Notifications

    Sends email notifications to users (post author or site administrator) when the status of a post is changed. Supports custom post types.

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  • OneClickPublish

    This is a very basic plugin to simple toggle the status of your posts between publish and post

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  • Simple CSV

    Export post data and metadata to a csv file

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite post status plugins.

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