Top 10 WordPress Pptx Plugins

  • Google Doc Embedder

    Lets you embed PDF, MS Office, and many other file types in a web page using the free Google Docs Viewer (no Flash or PDF browser plug-ins required).

  • MimeTypes Link Icons

    Adds icons automatically to any uploads and/or file links inserted into your blog posts.

  • Embed Any Document

    Easiest way to upload and display PDF, MS Office and more documents on your WordPress website using Google Docs Viewer or Microsoft Office Online.

  • SlideOnline

    Easily embed your presentations in a WordPress blog. is a free service to share PowerPoint presentations online.

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  • Allow Word/Powerpoint/Excel file uploads

    This plugin allows you to upload Word, Powerpoint and Excel files through the media library uploader.

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  • Scribd Doc Embedder

    Uses the Scribd API to embed supported Scribd documents (e.g. PDF, MS Office, ePub, and many others) into a web page using the Scribd Docs Reader.

  • Crocodoc

    The Crocodoc Plugin allows you to upload pdf, doc/docx, ppt/pptx, png and jpg files from Wordpress to Crocodoc and embed them in posts using ShortCode

  • Optimum Documents

    Attach documents to any page or post type with Microsoft's Office Web Viewer or Google's Document Viewer.

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  • GroupDocs.Viewer for Java | HTML5 Document Viewer

    Multi-format document viewer plugin for WordPress designed based on the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library.

  • GroupDocs Viewer for .NET | HTML5 Document Viewer

    Display documents on your WordPress website with the .NET version of the GroupDocs HTML5 document viewer.

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