Top 16 WordPress Preload Plugins

  • Preloader

    Add preloader to your website easily, responsive and retina, full customize, compatible with all major browsers.

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  • WP Image Preloader

    Preloads images using Javascript. Use it to enhance your blog's visitors experience by preloading images for hover effects, slideshows etc.

  • Pre Loaded - CSS Image Preloader

    Preload Images Contained Within ALL Referenced CSS Files. Uses jQuery to Preload to DOM. Plug n Play. Upload, activate and sit back!

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  • Warm Cache

    Crawls your website-pages based on your google XML sitemap. If you have a caching plugin or Varnish/nginx caching this will keep your cache warm. Spee

  • Preload Current Images

    Preload images on the current page to make them load faster.

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  • Loading Bar

    Add loading bar to your website easily, like youtube loading bar! just one click and custom loading bar color and responsive.

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  • Preload & Pjax Faster Page Load

    About 0.5 seconds faster page load of the site, even after you've taken the various means for faster site, without making any changes.

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  • Ultimate WordPress Preloader

    Add CSS3 crossbrowser animated preloader to your site. Live preloader customizer. Work with ANY theme!

  • Prerender and Prefetch

    Puts Prerender and Prefetch tag in the page. Allowing compatible navigators to do a pre-load of the page you figure the visitor is going to go.

  • Preloader Meta

    Adds preloader header meta to wordpress so that Browsers loads possible next pages and User gets instand load when they click on links

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  • Fast Forward

    Help browsers preload content to speed up the next page view.

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  • Fade

    Add fade effect to wordpress easily, CSS3 only, without JavaScript! custom fade color and time, easy to use, compatible with all major browsers.

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  • TCBD Modals

    This plugin will enable Awesome Modals box in your Wordpress theme.

  • TCBD Popover

    This plugin will enable Awesome Popover box in your Wordpress theme

  • WP Smart Preloader

    A Plugin to add awesome collection of Loaders and Spinners. Delightful and performance-focused Pure CSS animations.

  • TCBD Alert

    This plugin will enable Awesome Bootstrap Alert box in your Wordpress theme.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite preload plugins.

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