Top 10 WordPress Prestashop Plugins

  • PrestaShop Integration

    Add integration using shortcodes and plugins from a PrestaShop e-commerce to your blog

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  • FG PrestaShop to WooCommerce

    A plugin to migrate PrestaShop e-commerce solution to WooCommerce

  • Bigcommerce

    Integrate Bigcommerce hosted eCommerce shopping cart product images and links into WordPress.

  • Volusion

    Integrate the great Volusion hosted ecommerce shopping cart into WordPress.

  • Prestashop User Compatibility

    This plugin will automatically rehash the passwords of users you have beforehand imported from a Prestashop database to your WP database.

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  • WP PrestaShop

    Include a PrestaShop ( ecommerce website to your blog. Include the header and footer of your ecommerce website on your blog.

  • WP Integration

    Integrates Wordpress with any application with just one simple click.

  • DeMomentSomTres Prestashop Integration

    This plugin aims to help integrate contents from Prestashop into WordPress. It uses webservices and shortcodes.

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  • Prestashop Saiyandev Widget

    Provide a sidebar widget for getting content from Prestashop via the REST API, and show it with jcarrousell.

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  • WP PrestaShop Categories

    Displays CATEGORIES of your PrestaShop ( ecommerce website on your blog.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite prestashop plugins missing from our list.

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