Top 12 WordPress Pronamic Plugins

  • Pronamic Google Maps

    This plugin makes it easy to add Google Maps to your WordPress post, pages or other custom post types.

  • Pronamic Cookies

    Handy solutions to the new Cookie Law. Full site blocker or just a bar. You can also block specific sections of a page.

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  • Pronamic Page Teasers

    Deprecated — This plugin makes it easy to bind pages (teasers) to a page.

  • Pronamic Client

    WordPress plugin for Pronamic clients.

  • Pronamic Events

    Pronamic Events is a basic plugin to add some Events functionality.

  • Pronamic Page Widget

    Deprecated — This plugin makes it easy to add pages as an widget to your sidebars. Developers can easily develop templates for the different page wi

  • Pronamic Framework

    This plugin contains some handy WordPress functions and extends the WordPress admin interface with some nice functions, widgets and more.

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  • Pronamic Google Conversion

    This plugin adds an shortcode to easily integrate an Google Conversion code.

  • Pronamic Feed Images

    This plugin automatically adds the post thubmanil to the WordPress feeds, the image size can be easily configured.

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  • Pronamic Issuu

    Deprecated — Easily integrate Issuu documents into WordPress.

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  • Pronamic Companies

    Pronamic Companies is a basic plugin to build a company directory.

  • Pronamic Subscriptions

    This plugin add some basic subscription functionalities to WordPress.

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