Top 11 WordPress Proxy Plugins

  • Nginx Helper

    Cleans nginx's fastcgi/proxy cache or redis-cache whenever a post is edited/published. Also does few more things.

  • WP Limit Login Attempts

    Limit rate of login attempts and block ip temporarily (Up to 10 minutes). It is protecting from brute force attack.

  • WP Config File Editor

    Modify Wordpress wp-config.php file values using a Simple Form. Additionally, it now support modifying wide System parameters

  • Reverse-Proxy Comment IP Fix

    Sets the comment IP to the client IP provided by the X-Forwarded-For header before the comment is saved to the database.

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  • Proxy Real IP

    Proxy Real IP is a simple plugin that sets user's IP addresses correctly when running WordPress behind a load balancer or other proxy.

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  • RePress

    This plugin allows you to circumvent internet censorship by proxying traffic to websites that have been blocked by repressive regimes. Alpha software:

  • Real IP

    Correct comment's ip address with X-Forwarded-For http header if you are behind a proxy or load balancer. There is no setting. It should start working

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  • Private Files

    Private Files makes sure only logged in users can see images and file attachments.

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  • Nginx Proxy Cache Purge

    Purges the nginx proxy cache when you publish or update a post or page.

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  • RSS FEED anywhere

    This tool allows you to stream your RSS-FEED from anywhere! :)

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  • Nginx Cache

    Flush the Nginx cache (FastCGI, Proxy, uWSGI) automatically when content changes or manually within WordPress.

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