Top 16 WordPress Reply Plugins

  • GD bbPress Attachments

    Implements attachments upload to the topics and replies in bbPress plugin through media library and adds additional forum based controls.

  • Comment Reply Notification

    When a reply is made to a comment the user has left on the blog, an e-mail shall be sent to the user to notify him of the reply.

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  • Wordpress Thread Comment

    wordpress thread comment

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  • Twitter

    Display Twitter Tweets Using Widget On WordPress Blog With Follow Button

  • wpDiscuz - Supercharged native comments

    New interactive, AJAX realtime comment system. Designed to supercharge Wordpress native comments. Super fast and responsive with dozens of features.

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  • GD bbPress Tools

    Adds different expansions and tools to the bbPress 2.x plugin powered forums: BBCode support, signatures, custom views, quote...

  • Send email only on Reply to My Comment

    Users can choose to :Receive Comment Reply Notification Only: or :Receive Notification For All New Comments: or :Not Receive Any Notifications:

  • Comment Email Reply

    Simply notifies comment-author via email if someone replies to his comment. Zero Configuration.

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  • bbPress Search Widget

    Extended search widget for bbPress 2.3+, plus Forum search Shortcode, plus widgetized not found content area for Form search 'no results'.

  • Postmatic - Post and comment subscriptions that invite you to hit reply. Now with Optins.

    Postmatic lets your readers subscribe to comments or posts by email. And comment by simply hitting reply. From wherever they are.

  • CubePoints Buddypress Integration

    Adds CubePoints support to Buddypress. Reward members using your BuddyPress portion of your website by giving them points and awards!

  • @ Reply

    This plugin allows you to add Twitter-like @reply links to comments.

  • Search bbPress

    This Plugin brings seamless, unified search results from bbPress 2.0 to WordPress and fixes the bbPress login widget in all languages.

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  • Comment Toolbar

    Adds Comments Navigation, Quote and Reply buttons (or links or images) at the beginning or end of each comment. You can customize every aspect of the

  • Comment Reply by Admins Notifier

    This plugin sends an e-mail notify when an admin or an editor of site reply a comment.

  • bbPress Notifications

    bbPress Notifications allows you to automatically send email notifications to specific users when new topics or replies are posted.

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