Top 19 WordPress Research Plugins

  • Search Everything

    Search Everything increases WordPress' default search functionality in three easy steps.

  • Google Keyword Suggest

    Keyword research made fast & simple: Using the Google Keyword Suggest Plugin by SEOmotion improves your keyword research tasks and SEO.

  • Democracy Poll

    AJAX democratic polls for your site. Visitors can vote more than one answer & adds their own answers. Works with cache plugins (WP Total Cache).

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  • Sexy Polling

    Sexy Polling - Find out what your audience thinks!

  • This-or-That

    Let your visitors vote between posts and images to create honest rankings. Uses the ELO Algorithm and works with your site's existing content.

  • Poll

    Juna IT Poll - You can use WordPress Juna IT Poll for explaining what your users think about your web-page or a new page and or about any question. -

  • PMID Citation Plus

    This plugin allows you to simply enter in PubMed IDs (PMIDs) and have a references list automatically built at the bottom of your post for you.

  • WP Academic People List

    Provides the ability to profile users academically and create categories of academic people. View a list of projects, publications, and research areas

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  • Contact Info Options

    Add additional contact info fields to the user profile page and/or disable the instant messager fields.

  • wp-publications

    Creates publication lists from Bibtex files by integrating bibtexbrowser into wordpress

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  • PubMed Posts

    This plugin adds a dashboard widget that creates posts from PubMed articles, plus a search widget that finds posts with specific article data.

  • ePub Export

    ePub Export automatically creates an ePub file of every published or updated post or page.

  • PMID Citations with Read

    This plugin allows you to add PubMed citations to wordpress sites with deep integration to the Read by QxMD service.

  • DocumentCloud

    Embed DocumentCloud resources in WordPress content.

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  • Mendeley Profile Plugin

    Displays the profile information, publications and curriculum vitae from Mendeley to your wordpress website

  • Stock Ticker Linker

    This plugin automatically search blog content for ticker symbols and link the tickers to company research pages at

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  • Link to Link

    This plugin permits you to easily create a link using an item from the Wordpress Links Manager.

  • Mendeley Related Research

    Mendeley Related Research finds academic research related to your blog posts from

  • WP NoteUp

    Take simple notes on your Posts and Pages.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite research plugins.

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