Top 19 WordPress Restriction Plugins

  • WP-Members: Membership Framework

    WP-Members™ is a free membership management framework for WordPress® that restricts content to registered users.

  • Ultimate Member

    The easiest way to create powerful online communities and beautiful user profiles with WordPress

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  • Page Restrict

    Restrict certain pages or posts to logged in users.

  • Registered Users Only

    Forces all users to login before being able to view your site. Features an options page for configuration.

  • CaPa Protect

    Protects Categories, Pages and Posts for specific users & anonymous visitor

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  • WP Sentry

    WP Sentry allows WordPress authors to grant access to individual private posts to users and groups of users.

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  • Private! Wordpress Access Control Manager

    Manage easily, who is allowed to access your blog or certain parts of your blog or just improve the security of your installation

  • User Access Shortcodes

    The most simple way of controlling who sees what in your posts/pages. Restrict content to logged in users only (or guests) with a simple shortcode.

  • Maven Member

    Maven Member™ lets you protect pages, posts and categories using flexible roles that you can define.

  • Content Restrict

    Restrict custom post type, pages or posts to logged in users.

  • DD Roles

    Just another DD plugin. Manage your roles and capabilities easy. See who's online and track the history.

  • Members Category

    Members Category is an add-in for WP-Members™ plugin that restricts specified categories to registered users.

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  • Gravity Forms User Restrictions

    Restrict the number of user submissions on Gravity Forms

  • RS-Members

    Description: RS-members is wordpress most powerful and free membership plugin many many features are include there.

  • Postcode Based Order Restriction for WooCommerce

    This plugin enables order restriction based on specific zip/post codes in a WooCommerce shop.

  • JC-IPRestrictions

    Provides the ability to restrict access to your web site by IP address and/or IP network.

  • PBP Restricted Menu-Widget by role

    Display menu or widget items based on if a user is logged in, logged out or both.

  • Social Access Control

    Based on the 3rd-party Category Access, this plugin provides the core functionality for restricting the access permissions of posts. This gives you t

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  • User Groups Restrictions

    Extend of user-groups plugin, this plugin allows you to restrict access to users groups in back-end and front-end on page.

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