Top 18 WordPress Rss2 Plugins

  • Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin

    PowerPress brings the essential features for podcasting to WordPress including full iTunes and Google Play support, Web audio/video players and more.

  • WP RSS Images

    Include images in your wordpress RSS.

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  • Seriously Simple Podcasting

    Podcasting the way it's meant to be. No mess, no fuss - just you and your content taking over the world.

  • Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

    Wordpress plugin to add Category Specific RSS feed subscription menu to your posts, pages and sidebar.

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  • News-Ticker

    An animated banner, news ticker, for Posts, RSS feeds or Images.

  • KB Advanced RSS Widget

    Similar to the default RSS widget, but gives you complete control over how RSS feeds are parsed for your sidebar.

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  • WP Social Blogroll

    WP Social Blogroll adds a social blogroll to your blog. It will follow and display all updates of the sites in your blogroll.

  • Feed Template Customize

    This plugin modifies RSS feeds and ATOM feeds as you want.

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  • Buzzsprout Podcasting

    Pull podcast episodes from your Buzzsprout account and quickly add them to your blog posts with beautiful HTML5 audio players.

  • Copyright Footer RSS

    Add easily your own copyright at the footer of your RSS feed posts. It improves the SEO and avoids content scrapers to steal your posts.

  • FeedDisabler Plugin

    Disables all feeds (rdf, rss, rss2, atom).

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  • Anti Feed-Scraper Message

    Discourage robots from scraping your RSS feed.

  • Advanced RSS

    Create advanced, fully customizable RSS feed widgets. You can use this to replace the built in RSS widget or along side it. It is substantially more p

  • Yandex News

    Yandex.News plugin generates an XML feed, called YML, for export of posts in the Yandex.News service.

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  • Static Feed

    Improve the performance of your site by serving your feeds as static (XML) files.

  • RSSupplement

    Adds WP functions, copyright, and more to your RSS feed items.

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  • Post-Ticker

    Inserts a scrolling text banner (or ticker) with Entries or Comments RSS feeds, or a more selective list of posts

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  • feed-modify-on-your-choice

    This plugin modifies RSS feeds and ATOM feeds as you want.

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