Top 18 WordPress Safari Plugins

  • WordPress Mobile Pack

    The NEW WordPress Mobile Pack allows you to 'package' your existing content into a cross-platform mobile web application.

  • Advanced Browser Check

    Tell IE users to change browser? Or is your site for Chrome only? Now you choose what browsers should trigger a warning popup or not on your site.

  • Browser Specific CSS

    The Browser Specific CSS Plugin allows you to easily target specific browsers and operating systems from your theme's stylesheet using regular cs

  • Roost Web Push

    Push notifications for your website. Available in Chrome (Android and desktop) and Safari (desktop).

  • IE6 Upgrade Option

    Generates an optional IE6 upgrade message as a plugin with output only for MSIE browsers

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  • Browser Blocker

    Browser Blocker allows you to pick and choose which browsers(versions) can access your web page and which ones are given a blocked splash screen.

  • No More IE6

    A browser dependent message, explaining the risks of using IE6 and providing download links to a recent browsers.

  • OneSignal - Free Web Push Notifications

    Increase engagement and drive more repeat traffic to your WordPress site with push notifications. Supports Chrome , Safari, and Firefox (Beta).

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  • Wordpress Logger

    Display log messages during plugin and theme development on the console in Safari and Firefox (with Firebug) browsers.

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  • Browser Body Classes with Shortcodes

    Adds browser-specific body classes for styling, and shortcodes to show or hide content to/from specified browsers and devices.

  • Chrome and Safari Web Font Rendering Fix

    This plugin displays the default fonts until web fonts loads in the background.

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  • Push Monkey - Native Desktop Push Notifications for WordPress

    Engage & delight your readers with Safari Push Notifications sent directly to their desktops, while enjoying clear stats and seamless integration.

  • Hipmob

    Talk to your visitors/users, transform user support and increase sales and conversions. Make your visitors happy with Hipmob hosted live chat!

  • Safari Push

    A Safari Push Plugin for Wordpress

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  • Readability

    Plugin which lets you to show posts in stylish, legible pop-up window, like in Safari.

  • WPPush | Push notifications Chrome & Safari

    WPPush | push notifications to your visitors computer to chrome, safari & firefox.

  • Newest Browser

    Promote your browser of choice. Version updates are extracted from daily.

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  • AddRemove Form Outlines

    This plugin will add styles to your header based on how you want to style your form element's outline.

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