Top 17 WordPress Sanitize Plugins

  • PIKLIST | Rapid development framework

    Piklist is the most powerful framework available for WordPress. Easy for beginners... built for developers. Piklist helps you build things - fast.

  • Filenames to latin

    Sanitize filenames to latin during upload.

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  • Clean Filenames

    Removes or replace international or special characters that can make your filenames not compliant with some servers or services.

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  • MD5 Media Renamer

    Sanitize and rename automatically media files during upload using PHP time() as prefix and the file name encrypted in MD5() as suffix.

  • Space Remover

    Space Remover removes any leading or trailing spaces from your post and page content. Securing a clean and consistent website layout.

  • Strings Sanitizer

    Aggressively sanitizes titles for clean, SEO friendly post slugs, and media filenames during upload.

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  • Sanitize Media Filenames

    Sanitize the filenames when you upload new media files. Helps you to avoid problems with special characters and white spaces in filenames.

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  • The Definitive URL Sanitizer

    The Definitive URL Sanitizer is a simple plugin that really sanitizes posts URL

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  • Safe SVG

    Allow SVG uploads and sanitize them to stop XML/SVG vulnerabilities

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  • wp-valid-username-normalizer

    This plugin will clean up the mess when your user database is full av invalid usernames.

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  • Brozzme Multiple admin emails

    Add more than one email address to a website admin notifications settings.

  • Remove Funky X

    Replaces #×# with #x#: This plugin removes the funky X's that wordpress adds on #x# patterns in titles and posts. (# is any digit).

  • Plugin Options Starter Kit

    Starter kit to help create Plugin options pages, and learn how to put it all together. Contains all the commonly used form options.

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