Top 19 WordPress Secret Plugins

  • Content Protector

    Plugin to protect content on a Page or Post, where users require a password to access that content.

  • Hide Plugins

    Hide installed plugins from clients and other admin users.

  • Hidden Tags

    Hide certain tags/categories from the public

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  • BuddyPress Private Community

    This plugin makes your BuddyPress community private. Only logged in members can view the social areas in full. You can configure the default settings.

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  • Oomph Hidden Tags

    Hide certain tags from tag lists and tag clouds. Allow capable users to see hidden tags with the *see_hidden_tags* capability.

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  • Tiny Spoiler

    [spoiler name="top secret"]shows/hides this text[/spoiler]

  • Hidden Login

    Adds Keystroke Enabled Login Functionality

    no screenshot found
  • Redactor

    Versatile Censor Tool

    no screenshot found
  • WPKeyMe

    This plugin allows you to require a secret key that is passed via the URL:

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  • Censor ( DISCONTINUED )

    REBOOTED as [Redactor](

    no screenshot found
  • Himegoto

    Using the search form, displays the secret post.

    no screenshot found
  • Mt8 Secret Comments

    Write a comment visible only to admin.

    no screenshot found
  • Secret Messenger

    Will add secret message in html source in your website.

    no screenshot found
  • Secret Passage

    Adds a secret key combination to whisk you away to the admin screen.

    no screenshot found
  • Allopass for WP

    English Want to monetize the content you create for your blog? Français Allopass qui vous permettra de monétiser votre site.

    no screenshot found
  • Spoiler ( DISCONTINUED )

    REBOOTED as [Redactor](

    no screenshot found

Should we add any secret plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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