Top 10 WordPress Shoutbox Plugins

  • Wise Chat

    Advanced chat plugin for WordPress. It requires no server, supports multiple channels, bad words filtering, appearance settings, bans and more.

  • Schreikasten

    A shoutbox using ajax and akismet.

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  • Chatroll Live Chat

    Chatroll is a great way to reach, engage and grow your site's audience. Add Chatroll chat to your WordPress and BuddyPress sidebar, posts, and pa

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  • Pierre's Wordspew

    A plugin that creates a live shoutbox, using AJAX as a backend. Users can chat freely from your blog without refreshing the page!

  • My Shouts

    A simple shoutbox with accordion option and customizable through admin panel.

  • Chatwing Live Group Chat - HTML5 + Chat Apps

    Chatwing offers an unlimited live website/blog chat experience.This chat widget specializes in delivering real-time communication at any given time

  • BoWoB Chat

    Chat for your WordPress. Real-time communication to your users.

  • WordSpew

    Author: Andrew Sutherland Originally released May 2, 2005 This release: September 1, 2005 Version: 1.16 Based on an origina

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  • Buddypress-Ajax-Chat

    This BuddyPress component adds chat functionality to Buddypress.

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  • Chatbox

    A plugin that places a simple shoutbox widget in your sidebar. It uses pure php, no scripts used. It is recommended that any old version is uninstal

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite shoutbox plugins missing from our list.

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