Top 13 WordPress Sitewide Plugins

  • Picasa and Google Plus Express

    Browse and select photos from any public or private Google+ album and add them to your posts/pages.

  • Photo Express for Google

    Browse and select photos from any public or private Google+ album and add them to your posts/pages. This is an unofficial fork of "Picasa and Goo

  • WordPress/MU Favicon

    Adds a custom favicon to all WordPress/MU Blogs and Administration Panels! Originally based of the WordPress Admin Favicon Plugin by John Kolbert!

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  • YD Network-wide Options

    Automatically replicate any plugin setting network-wide: apply sitewide settings. Spread your settings or options on all your multisite blogs. Options

  • Sitewide Google Analytics

    This plugin adds Google Analytics tracking code to all WordPress pages. In network/multisite mode, this tracking code will be the same on all sites.

  • BP Display Name

    This Plugin allows BuddyPress and Wordpress users to change the "Display name publicly as" field for ALL users, at any time.

  • Multisite Latest Posts Widget

    Show the latest posts from all blogs in multisite Wordpress.

  • Sitewide (Admin) Header/Footer

    Change the header/footer of the front- and backend of WordPress Multisite

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  • Super Simple Notices

    Super Simple Notices allows you to add beautiful, configurable sticky notices to your WP installation in seconds.

  • Featured Posts

    Featured posts plugin & widget for WordPress or WordPress MU.

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  • BuddyPress Sitewide Notice Widget

    Wrap the BuddyPress sitewide notice in a widget.

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  • Ada WPMS Sitewide Feed

    Creates four rss 2.0 feeds showing recent posts, comments, pages, and one combined [posts and pages] from all blogs. Works both on WPMS, and WPMU

  • YD Spread Parameter

    Tweaks URLs to keep and propagate a http get query parameter in all links site-wide ( like ?tpl=1 ).

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