Top 17 WordPress Sliding Plugins

  • Slick Contact Forms

    Slick contact forms allows you quickly and easily create contact forms for any area on your Wordpress site using widgets

  • Slick Social Share Buttons

    Slick social share buttons adds facebook, twitter, google +1, linkedin, digg, delicious, reddit, stumbleupon, buffer and pinterest pin it social media

  • Social Media Tabs

    Social media tabs allows you to add facebook, google +1, twitter, flickr, pinterest, YouTube subscription and RSS profiles and feeds to any widget are

  • Floating Menu

    Floating Menu creates a sticky, floating menu widget from any Wordpress custom menu using jQuery.

  • WP Sliding Login | Register Panel

    Add a sliding login | register panel to Wordpress Theme


    Easy to use, yet powerful and a highly customizable sliding shelf for your site! Slide your target content/widget into and out of the visible page. Th

  • Posts Slideshow Widget

    This plugin enables you to have a side bar widget with slider (slideshow) of featured images from posts from a selected category.

  • Good Old Gallery

    Good Old Gallery helps you use galleries on multiple pages and posts, it also uses jQuery plugins for sliding and fading transitions.

  • JQuery Slick Menu Widget

    jQuery Slick Menu creates a sticky, sliding menu widget from any Wordpress custom menu.

  • WP Sliding Login/Dashboard Panel

    Automatically add a sliding login/dashboard (or whatever HTML content) to your Wordpress Theme

  • Sliding Read More

    This plugin replaces the default more tag with a sliding jQuery hidden content functionality.

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  • MyPuzzle Sliding

    Fast and easy integration of sliding puzzles into your blogs.

  • Floating Tweets

    Floating Tweets allows you to quickly and easily add a floating widget, which displays the latest tweets from any twitter feed.

  • Random Posts, Mp3 Player + ShareButton

    The 4 in 1 plugin shows rotating random posts, flash mp3 player, share button + quick notification that floats at top or bottom of browser

  • Yahoo Slide

    Yahoo slide plugin for wordpress, add a Floating Yahoo sliding chat

  • GMO Page Transitions

    GMO Page Transitions adds Page Transitions actions to your site.

  • WP_ImageMation

    Gives a video effect to the pictures. ImageMation widget lets you put a set of sliding images with captions on any of your wordpress page/post.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite sliding plugins.

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