Top 10 WordPress Smf Plugins

  • Tapatalk for Wordpress - Free Mobile App for Forums and Blogs

    Put your blog in front of millions of Tapatalkers. Works with both standalone blogs, and forum-integrated blogs.

  • BNS SMF Feeds

    Plugin with multi-widget functionality that builds an SMF Forum RSS feed url by user option choices; and, displays a SMF forum feed.

  • WPSMF - Wordpress to SMF

    Automatically posts wordpress post to a SMF board.

  • Silverlight Media Player for WordPress

    Silverlight Media Player for WordPress allows a WordPress user to specify media URL (either normal download or Smooth Streaming) to embed video in the

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  • SMF2WP

    Login bridge from Simple Machine Forum to Wordpress.

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  • Wordpress Post to SMF

    Version: 1.5 This plugin adds Wordpress posts as topics in SimpleMachines Forum 1.1.7, and links the WP post to the comments in the forum

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  • CMS2CMS: SMF to bbPress Convertor

    In case you plan to migrate your site from Simple Machines Forum to bbPress on WordPress, this plugin can assist to move your content automatically.

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  • SMF Bridge

    User registration and login bridge between Wordpress and Simple Machine Forum

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  • WP & SMF

    This is a bridge between Wordpress and (SMF) forums. It provides complete user integration through the use of two plugins, one in

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  • BuddyPress SMF Import

    Imports boards and users from SMF 1.1x forums to BuddyPress (forums) / WordPress (users)

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